I've studied philosophy, played in a pop band, done theater, written pages upon pages of unfinished novels. I wasn't particulary good at any of those things. Then I walked onto a movie set and realized that all these moving parts could be combined into a vision. From the ranks of production, to assistant director, I self-produced my first short films that have been very well recieved and have garnered awards at festivals around the world.This brought me to the glittering world of music videos, little money and lots of stretching for my imagination which I put to use with Morgan, Marracash, Mondo Marcio, Otto ohm, Marlene Kuntz, among many others. From there on, I moved into commercials, dropped the training wheels and  began working with major Italian production companies. I still cannot believe that I was able to create highly stylish commercials that delivered both on concept and quality. But I felt constrained between the 30 second spot and the 3 minute video clip. I bought a camera and started learning again, this time with documentaries. And then my debut with an indipendent feature film “In five minutes on stage”, a game with the various narratives of documentary, theatre and cinema…so eveything’s happened was really useful to create and live and imagine… I'm  beginning to think that nothing is random in life, that one thing leads to another that I have now enough strings to my bow to have fun.